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Richard K. Miller, an older light-skinned man with gray hair, glasses, and a mustache.

The Long View on Transformative College Experiences: Key Podcast

A new coalition aims to embed into curricula experiences that develop student agency and purpose and improve their well-being decades later.

Navajo Technical University president Elmer Guy and Wafa Hozien, university academic administrator, stand together smiling at a campus event celebrating the new Ph.D. program. Both are wearing colorful Native prints.

A New Ph.D. Program Fulfills an Old Dream

Navajo Technical University will become the first tribal university to offer a Ph.D. program this fall. Tribal college and university leaders are celebrating the move.

A group of disengaged, bored-looking students—one resting her head on her hand, and another with their head on the desk—in a university lecture hall.

Students Are Less Engaged; Stop Blaming COVID

As “digitally evolved knowledge workers,” our students engage differently than the generations before them; as educators, we need to adapt, Jenny Darroch writes.

Nate Johnson, founder of FreeWriters, and three incarcerated students in orange uniforms stand around a table covered in papers.

A ‘Neglected Population’

While college-in-prison programs are poised to expand, some educators and advocates worry prospective students in jails are getting left behind.

Four incarcerated students stand in front of a mural of the Blue Mountain Community College logo at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution.

A Cost-Saving Measure Raises Concerns for Incarcerated Students

Blue Mountain Community College will no longer run G.E.D. programs at local prisons. Campus leaders say the program isn’t cost-effective. Faculty members are concerned students’ education will be disrupted.

Landscape scene from prehistoric times with dinosaurs and a human flying in a orb-like craft

Arizona State’s Big Bet on Virtual Reality Labs

The university drops in-person labs in intro biology courses after an experiment that boosted inclusivity. But some question whether the technology can faithfully replicate scientific pursuits.

A woman in a graduation gap and gown holds a little girl.

Prioritizing Student Parents

A new certification will acknowledge colleges, universities and organizations that do a particularly good job of serving students with children.

A photo of Hoover Tower on Stanford's campus.

In Proctoring Debate, Stanford Faculty Takes ‘Nuclear Option’

Proctoring has been banned at Stanford for over a century, but faculty members think an influx in cheating demands a change. They circumvented a student government vote to try to implement proctored exams.