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Man holding briefcase looks through open door to blue sky and white clouds

When We Say Goodbye

We concentrate time and energy on announcing new presidents yet rarely talk about how to position leaders for a graceful exit, writes Erin Hennessy.

5 Key Roles for Effective Leaders During COVID

A group of academics reflects on and defines the most successful approaches that presidents, chancellors and others can take to manage crises.

Beyond the Dark Side

George Justice and Carolyn Dever offer practical information to faculty members considering joining the administration and others who just want a peek inside it.

What the 'American College President' Needs Today

The current environment requires academic leaders to focus more on their institutions’ dynamic capabilities and ecological fitness, Stefano Falconi and David Teece argue.

The CEO Is the Difference

Colleges -- especially those facing major financial difficulties -- need leaders who can craft a vision as well as carry it out, write Yoram and Edith Neumann.

Jumping in the Deep End

Terri E. Givens describes her decision, six years after returning to a faculty job, to become a provost.

Crossing Over

Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt writes that it's important for faculty members to consider and go after jobs as administrators.

Give the Administration a Break

The year he spent assisting a college president in a tough spot gave Eric Robinson new appreciation for the challenges campus leaders face.