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The Floating University, by Tamson Pietsch

‘The Floating University’

In 1926, an NYU professor took 500 students on a tour around the world. Now a professor considers what they learned—and what they didn’t learn—on the voyage.

Big Idea Concept, The woman open the door in the maze-shaped brain

Exodus From an Elsevier Neuroscience Journal

One of the world’s largest scientific publishers refused to reduce its $3,450 fee to publish in NeuroImage. All the editors left to start their own journal.

Sandy Baum and Michael McPherson's Campus Economics: How Economic Thinking Can Help Improve College and University Decisions (Princeton University Press)

Economics and Higher Education

Authors discuss their book on “how economic thinking can help improve college and university decisions.”

Protesters at the U.S. Supreme Court hold up handmade signs in favor of affirmative action.

‘The Impact of College Diversity’

Author who first explored the impact of diversity on undergraduates in 2005 returns to her subjects as they reach 30 and finds new evidence of success of affirmative action.

Irena Smith’s The Golden Ticket: A Life in College Admission Essays (SheWritesPress)

A College Counselor’s Insightful Memoir

A Russian émigré turned college counselor discusses the role of education in the immigrant experience, how AI might change college admissions and how she pushes students to think about who they really are.
The Times Higher Education logo, with a red T, purple H and blue E.

3,514 Special Issues a Year?

Open-access Swiss publisher raises eyebrows by massively expanding publication schedule.

‘Black and Queer on Campus’

Author discusses his new book about students who face multiple forms of discrimination.

The Myth of Education as Equalizer

A professor argues that the main purpose of higher education is not simply to prepare students for the workforce but to help solve society’s ills.