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Three résumés on top of one another, each a different color and the top one with a slightly different image

Forget the Failure CV

Researchers and other scholars need instead a shadow CV to highlight systemic inequalities, Cyrena Gawuga writes.

Illustration of a woman holding briefcase walking up stairs while hand holding a flashlight on the left lights her way

Building Pathways to the Presidency for Women

Pamela L. Eddy explores the combination of factors that must be considered to remove the obstacles.

White woman listening with focus to a Black woman as they sit in chairs together

Dear White Faculty, We Must Do Better

How did you support Black faculty’s flourishing today, Jenn Stroud Rossmann asks, given the prevalence of bias, invisible labor and other challenges that they regularly confront?

Illustration of a group of very diverse people standing together. At least one person uses a wheelchair.

Everyone’s Work

To truly sustain diversity, equity and inclusivity, institutions must take a shared equity leadership approach, writes Amy Fulton.

20 Years of Experiencing Asian Invisibility in Academe

While some people may dismiss the phenomenon as no big deal, it is so strong that it’s as if a person does not physically exist, writes Keith Nabb.

Who Can Really Teach Ethnic Studies?

While, optimally, such courses would be part of the entire humanities curriculum, they can’t be taught by just anyone without the proper training, writes Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo.

An Emerging Index of Inclusive Universities

How much an institution helps pay for financially disadvantaged BIPOC faculty to attend conferences indicates how equitable and embracing it truly is, writes Reem Khamis.

Notes of a DEI Search Chair

Without certain conditions, a search amounts to a public devaluing of scholars who have historically been marginalized within the academy, argues Abena Ampofoa Asare.