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Duquesne University Police on Strike

Police officers at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh went on strike yesterday after contract negotiations between their union and the university...

Avoiding ‘The Big Quit’ in the New Year

How can college leaders in 2023 begin to re-engage their employees in the midst of increasing disengagement and departures? Brandon L. Wolfe offers some suggestions.

The Great Resignation at Community Colleges

Community colleges underwent major staffing losses during the pandemic. Now they’re suffering from the ripple effects, and campus leaders are trying desperately to recruit.

Could Reducing ‘Sludge’ Increase Faculty Morale?

Ever had to wait forever to speak with someone to report a simple problem? If so, then you know exactly what sludge is and how infuriating it can be, Kevin Van Winkle writes.

The Great Resignation… or the Great Surrender?

With higher ed facing so many steep challenges, it’s not the time to quit, Bob Massa and Bill Conley write.

Calling It Quits

It remains unclear just how many professors are leaving their jobs during the Great Resignation, but stories about who is leaving, and why, abound. Will institutions be forced to respond with real change?

Pandemic Trend or Labor Market Correction?

Faculty and staff turnover within the University of North Carolina system spiked last summer, including at the embattled Chapel Hill campus. System administrators blame the pandemic and other factors, while the departures continue.