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‘Blind Growth’ of Iran’s Universities Blamed for High Unemployment

Graduates make up 37 percent of the unemployed in a period of high inflation.

A group of people stands in front of a sign that says "NAFSA 75"

‘The UN of Higher Ed’ Returns to a Changed World

A mix of optimism and anxiety defined this year’s NAFSA conference, three years after the COVID-19 pandemic upended international higher ed.


Britain Bans Dependents of International Students

Will it also soon bar the students from working after they graduate?

Leeza Fernand, an administrator at Northern Virginia community college, stands below a large, red lantern with her arms outstretched.

Broadening the Fulbright Program’s Reach

Some community college leaders and scholars are advocating for more access to the international educational and cultural exchange program.


Will Americans Come to a Welsh City for Higher Education?

Wrexham Glyndwr thinks it can get them, with a little help from Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

A group of students sits on a lawn outside a cream-colored building

A Recruitment Partnership Falls Apart

A public-private venture for international student recruitment ended in lawsuits filed by both sides. It’s not the first such collaboration to come undone in recent years.

The ornate facade of the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, as seen through an archway.

Avoiding Curricular Pitfalls of Study Abroad

If not designed carefully, study abroad programs risk reinforcing injustices, epistemic and otherwise, Liz Bucar writes.

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Can the E.U. Make a ‘Parallel Publishing System’ Work?

Many are doubtful about E.U.’s publishing plans.