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Classroom Implications of AI Plagiarism and Fabrication

Conversations around AI in the classroom need to be more explicit about addressing the opaque nature of technologies such as Chat GPT.


The Benefits of Student Swapping

Without it, wealthy students would just enroll in the flagships in their home states, making no more room for low-income students.


Never Take Teaching Advice From an Administrator

Questioning a dean's essay on pedagogy and student learning.

A Misleading Portrayal of Women's Equality in Science

A sensationalist title and a narrow definition of bias render an article flawed.

Collin College Should Clean Up Its Act

Without procedural protections for faculty, academic freedom is utterly meaningless, the AAUP argues.

The University of California Abandons Progress and Preserves Convention

The university system's new policy banning fully online degrees ignores the needs of today's students and leans on outdated information.

Misunderstanding Online Education at Virginia Tech

An article about the university's expansion of virtual education asked the wrong questions about the quality of the courses.

Mis-advice on Academic Journal Submissions

An essay provides outdated advice that could hurt scholars, especially younger ones.