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Will a Partnership Save the King’s College?

Facing a possible closure due to financial struggles, the King’s College in New York announced Wednesday that it is exploring...

Medaille University Will Close in August

Medaille University in Buffalo, N.Y., which was set to be absorbed by crosstown Trocaire College, will close after the acquisition...
An aerial view of the Medaille University campus

An Acquisition Deal Is Called Off

Trocaire College and Medaille University were set to integrate this fall. Now the deal isn’t happening for reasons leaders haven’t revealed. Can both institutions carry on?

Lewis University, St. Augustine College Announce Merger

Lewis University and St. Augustine College of Chicago have announced plans to move forward with a merger. SAC will become...

Drexel, Salus Explore ‘Affiliation’

Drexel University and Salus University are exploring a partnership that would bring together graduate programs in health sciences at both...

Trocaire College to Acquire Medaille University

Two small Catholic institutions in New York will soon become one, with Trocaire College set to purchase Medaille University, according...

Is a Merger a Closure by Another Name?

Extreme care must be taken to ensure the smaller college’s mission is preserved, Jim Murphy writes.

An Unlikely Pairing

Hilbert College, a nonprofit Catholic institution in New York, is purchasing for-profit Valley College, which has four sites in Ohio and West Virginia. That makes for an unusual match.