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Mobile Skin Care

How do you know if you’re getting too much sun exposure? In today’s Academic Minute, Kennesaw State University’s Stephen McNeill examines one technology that can help.

Weekly Wisdom | UMBC President Valerie Sheares Ashby

Get inspired by this incredible conversation about leadership with University of Maryland Baltimore County President Valerie Sheares Ashby, Bridget Burns...

Darren Catalano of HelioCampus

This episode of the Pulse podcast features an interview with Darren Catalano, CEO of HelioCampus, a data analytics provider. In...

Defining Polysubstance Use in Adolescents

How can researchers compare findings if not everyone is on the same page? In today’s Academic Minute, SUNY Empire State College’s Cailyn Green examines the health effects of teen substance use.

How Airplanes Can Achieve Net-Zero Emissions

Reducing carbon from transportation is key to our future. In today’s Academic Minute, a Student Spotlight during University of California, Irvine, Week, Candelaria Bergero examines how to cut emissions from one form of transport.

Identifying Disparities to Improve Vaccine Rates

Knowing who gets vaccinated more often can tell us whom to target in future vaccine efforts. In today’s Academic Minute, part of University of California, Irvine, Week, Keri Hurley-Kim explores the data.

Using E. Coli to Detect Water Contamination

We hear about the harm bacteria can do, but what about the good? In today’s Academic Minute, part of University of California, Irvine, Week, Regina Ragan examines this question.

Weekly Wisdom | Interview with UIC Interim Chancellor Javier Reyes

Enjoy a special interview with University of Illinois Chicago Interim Chancellor Javier Reyes