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A man uses a calculator while looking at a college bill.

Financial Wellness Impacts Student Success Indicators, Survey Finds

A financial wellness survey administered to students in fall 2022 found that concerns about finances impacted students’ academic lives—but the majority say they would access related campus resources.

A group of students enter a lecture hall

Program Innovation: Career Exploration and Planning in First-Year Seminars

Bunker Hill Community College in Boston redesigned its introductory and first-year seminar courses to incorporate career exploration and skill identification among students, raising confidence among learners.

Four students sit around a table looking at dozens of printed-out photographs and images.

Mandatory Job Training for Bowdoin Students

At Bowdoin College, sophomores are required to attend a job-training “boot camp,” which gives them skills, career options and peace of mind.

Mitch Mitchell meets with two students.

Student Success Champion: Mitch Mitchell, Cal Poly Humboldt

Mitch Mitchell, associate vice president for student success and dean of students, works to create diversity and representation in higher education by keeping students at the forefront.

A magnifying glass hovers over scattered letters on a blue background.

Campus Engagement Tip: Define the Hidden Curricula of Higher Ed

Colleges and universities can help students navigate the structures of higher education by providing a glossary of terms students may encounter on campus.

A group of engineering students in blue coveralls listens to a professor.

Positive Partnership: Creating a Nuclear Engineering Talent Pipeline

Tennessee Tech University established a partnership with a local environmental cleanup organization focused on career-readiness for engineering students to work in eastern Tennessee.

Richard K. Miller, an older light-skinned man with gray hair, glasses, and a mustache.

The Long View on Transformative College Experiences: Key Podcast

A new coalition aims to embed into curricula experiences that develop student agency and purpose and improve their well-being decades later.

Student Suicides Prompt $38 Million Building Safeguards

The University of Houston announced it will spend $38 million on new safety measures at Agnes Arnold Hall, a campus...