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Judge Upholds Canisius Layoffs; Tenured Professors Appeal

A judge has upheld Canisius College’s layoffs of four tenured professors, who sued in response. “Plaintiffs question defendant’s assertion that...

Tenure Awarded… at Ithaca, St. Norbert, Trinity, U of Delaware

The following universities have made announcements of professors earning tenure in recent weeks: Ithaca College Julie Blumberg, media arts, sciences...
The Texas Senate chamber, with an aqua-blue rug and wooden desks and chair.

Tenure Survives in Texas; DEI Offices Do Not

Faculty groups still worry about provisions for dismissal; faculty and student groups oppose the DEI measure.

The Texas Capitol building looms behind a statue of a man on a horse with a gun.

Texas Tenure, Anti-DEI Bills Near Passage—or Death

As Texas’ legislative session comes to a close this weekend, bills that would affect tenure and ban what lawmakers consider diversity, equity and inclusion programs are still pending.

Ron DeSantis stands at a lectern that says "Florida The Education State," with the state flag behind him.

AAUP Calls to Fight ‘Tooth and Nail’ in Florida

“Florida’s public colleges and universities currently face a politically and ideologically driven assault unparalleled in U.S. history,” a preliminary report says.

A medieval painting of the angel Gabriel and the prophet Muhammad. Gabriel has wings and Muhammas is wearing a head covering and has a beard.

Report: Adjunct Who Showed Images of Prophet Was ‘Vilified’

A new American Association of University Professors report says Hamline University administrators “encouraged and promoted” a “de facto campaign of vilification.”

People, mostly in red shirts, some with #campusworkers4democracy on the back, listen to a speaker with a megaphone outside a Virginia Commonwealth University building.

At VCU, Even Less Job Security for Nontenured Faculty

Three out of five faculty members at Virginia Commonwealth are on “term” contracts. The university has stopped offering them three-year contracts.

Ohio’s Miami U Faculty Unionize

Miami University faculty members have voted 450 to 241 to unionize, in an election where nearly 90 percent of eligible...