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A landscape drawing of three green rolling hills.

The Hills on Which We (Used to) Die

College leaders need to know which hills they’ll be prepared to lose their careers over—and then show up to defend them, John C. Cavanaugh writes.

An application for a restraining order, with a pen and a pair of glasses resting on top.

When Faculty Face Violent Threats

Police came to his door to tell him a former student wanted to kill him. Adam S. Ward shares what he learned from the experience for fellow researchers and their institutions.


Ethical College Admissions: Vanity Fare

What does a critique of college admissions really say, asks Jim Jump.

A female Navajo high school student sits at a desk in a classroom, smiling at the camera, her pencil poised over an exam.

Indigenous American Scholarships May Fall Short

Some recent scholarship programs for Indigenous American students don’t live up to the hype, Gresham D. Collom writes.

A Black male student in a graduation gown and mortarboard stands next to a light-skinned woman with gray hair who is also wearing academic regalia.

Welcome, Transfers! Prioritizing Students Coming From Community Colleges

Fixing the transfer system requires a changed collective mind-set and involves actions such as committing to accept both lower- and upper-division transfer credits, writes Lisa Vollendorf, president of Empire State University.

A black-and-white drawing of a human brain topped with a mortarboard bearing the letters "AI."

What’s a Word Worth in the AI Era?

Kartik Chandra offers a message to the Class of 2023: your words matter, now more than ever.

The Florida Gulf Coast University campus: buildings surround a rectangular grassy area.

What Should Badges Add to the Curriculum? Nothing!

Instead, digital badges should enhance and highlight the value of what students are already learning, Aysegul Timur, Clay Motley, Glenn Whitehouse, Shawn Felton and Dave Jaeger write.

The rim of Upheaval Dome, a crater, in Canyonlands National Park. Scrubby trees can be seen against the red rock background.

The State of Higher Ed Amid ‘The Great Upheaval’

College leaders understand the need for change, but many are unclear what is necessary: for them, we offer the “five C’s,” Arthur Levine, Scott Van Pelt and Denny Meadows write.