Controversy Mars Connecticut College Hire

Connecticut College hired a trustee as interim president after a search led by another trustee’s firm. Now faculty are raising concerns about the opaque process.

Helping Former Foster Students Succeed

A UCLA report says holistic services, financial aid, consistent staffing and social programming can help students who lack family support and guidance.

Program Innovation: Career Exploration and Planning in First-Year Seminars

Bunker Hill Community College in Boston redesigned its introductory and first-year seminar courses to incorporate career exploration and skill identification among students, raising confidence among learners.

Financial Wellness Impacts Student Success Indicators, Survey Finds

A financial wellness survey administered to students in fall 2022 found that concerns about finances impacted students’ academic lives—but the majority say they would access related campus resources.

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The Hills on Which We (Used to) Die

College leaders need to know which hills they’ll be prepared to lose their careers over—and then show up to defend them, John C. Cavanaugh writes.

When Faculty Face Violent Threats

Police came to his door to tell him a former student wanted to kill him. Adam S. Ward shares what he learned from the experience for fellow researchers and their institutions.

Indigenous American Scholarships May Fall Short

Some recent scholarship programs for Indigenous American students don’t live up to the hype, Gresham D. Collom writes.


Awkward Conversations With Art Students

Being on the faculty side of student-faculty interactions naturally puts conversations into a different perspective early in our careers. Are we ever really prepared for our students’ questions and frustrations?


Changes in meaning are revealing.

The Missing Element in CMO Position Descriptions and Roles

Advancement leaders are charged with building an institutional culture of philanthropy. Establishing a cultural equivalent for the work and leadership of marketing is long overdue.

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Increasing Women’s Representation in STEM Fields

Leaders in academe hold several keys to correct the well-documented tendency to undervalue women’s work, writes Nina Gray.

Engage in Science Policy Where You Are

Adriana Bankston explores how education about science policy at the state level can enrich one’s career.

The Benefits of a Presidential Teach-In

Patrick Sanaghan and Mary Dana Hinton offer an onboarding strategy for a new president and other senior leaders in which they become the students.


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